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FTC Finalizes Amendments to Premerger Notification Rules for the Transfer of Exclusive Patent Rights in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has finalized amendments to the Hart-Scott-Rodino Act (HSR Act) clarifying the scope of reportable transactions involving the transfer of rights in a patent in the pharmaceutical (including biologics and medicine manufacturing) industry. The final rule defines and applies the concepts of “all commercially significant rights,” “limited manufacturing rights,” and “co-rights” in determining whether the rights transferred constitute a potentially reportable asset acquisition under the HSR Act.

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Innovation Act of 2013: Taking Aim at Patent Trolls

ust recently, patent reform legislation was introduced to Congress by a bipartisan group led by House Judiciary Committee Chairperson Bob Goodlatte (R-Va). The bill (H.R. 3309) is being tentatively referred to as the “Innovation Act of 2013.” The bill aims to build upon patent reforms introduced in the America Invents Act (AIA) which went into full effect this past March of this year. One of the main points of focus of the bill is on “non-practicing entities” (NPEs), aka “patent assertion entities” (PAEs), aka “patent trolls.” Contrary to the name, these are not creatures dwelling under a bridge looking for a hand out…well…errrm…

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Patent Dashboard

We all want more transparency from our government, don’t we? Well, the USPTO heard our pleas, and they’ve launched a ‘Patents Dashboard’. It shows a variety of stats for recent months, and some for previous years too. You can see how long it takes for each step of the patent process, and what the backlog in applications is, along with other types of data.

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