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By Richard Gearhart
Founding Partner

Best Practices in Overseas Manufacturing and Production

Manufacturing overseas is now more easily accessible to entrepreneurs more so than it ever has been before. Our experts today will discuss best practices and what you need to know if you are going to manufacture your product overseas.

Presented by the Entrepreneurial Strategy Series and Gearhart Law.


Lisa Ascolese:
Lisa Ascolese, AKA “The Inventress,” is a mentor, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, inventor & independent TV product agent. For more than 25 years, Lisa, “The Inventress,” has invented, marketed and launched products on QVC, HSN, EVINE Live and ShopNBC. She is the CEO and founder of Inventing A to Z and launched the non-profit organization named The Association of Women Inventors & Entrepreneurs. She has appeared on Bravo TV, ABC and Sirius XM, as well as major publications such as Black Enterprise Magazine, Ebony Magazine, Essence Magazine and The New York Times. Lisa’s products include The Bosom Buddy Nursing Cape, her first product; the Bun-Tie hair accessory; The Wrap and Store Organizer; and The Perfect Pockets Organizer, which generated $6,000 in less than six minutes on QVC. Lisa is the daughter of a veteran, wife and mother who hails from Brooklyn, New York and graduated from Brooklyn College in Brooklyn, New York. She lives by the advice of her grandmother, who said, “When you believe, you will achieve.” Her website is

Josh Scharf:
With over 40 years of experience in developing, manufacturing, and marketing new products, Industrial Designer and Entrepreneur Josh Scharf is an acknowledged manufacturing expert with a specific expertise in producing in Asia. He is responsible for launching hundreds of B2C and B2B products for Fortune 100 companies. He has also helped many independent inventors and entrepreneurs bring their products to market. His longstanding manufacturing relationships include production in most materials and processes.

Scharf spends his time between managing the manufacture and international distribution of his very successful product lines, developing new products, and restoring his old Mercedes cars. You can find one of his products at

Michael Zahabian:
Michael is the founder and CEO of Zeba Designs LLC. He’s been involved in making a few different prototypes and products in the last 7 years. He is currently working on few other prototypes and products which hopefully will come to the market soon. In the last 7 years, he has visited hundreds of manufactures overseas and worked with many of them in order to gain good experience in manufacturing and product designs. His most recent product is an innovative shoe design that makes wearing shoes much easier for many people. a company offering a novel shoe that allows individuals to slip their sneakers right on. Zeba shoes are currently manufactured in China. You can look at this product at

The panel discussion will be moderated by James Klobucar, Esq., Partner at Gearhart Law.

About the Author
Richard Gearhart, Esq. is the founder of Gearhart Law and the host of a weekly radio show for entrepreneurs called “Passage to Profit”. He has built a firm with an international presence that helps entrepreneurs from around the world with their patent, trademark and copyright needs. Richard commands a breadth of experience that comes from nearly 30 years of practice in the writing and prosecution of hundreds of patents, and in all aspects of Intellectual Property law. In 2022, Richard was recognized by ROI New Jersey as a 2022 ROI Influencer in the Law List category for being one of the best of the best in New Jersey for intellectual property law. Gearhart Law emerged from Richard’s passion for entrepreneurship and startups and his belief that entrepreneurship grows the economy and creates jobs. When we started Gearhart Law, our goal was to help and support the new business ventures of 500 entrepreneurs and inventors. After 12 years, the firm has far surpassed this goal; today, we look forward to helping even more inventors and entrepreneurs get off to a great start and reach their own goals.