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Our Speakers:

Dinesh Tadepalli, Founder of incrEDIBLE Eats: Dinesh is an impact based entrepreneur, engineer, hiker and the Chief Spoon Seller at incrEDILBE Eats. He started incrEDILBE Eats with a question after eating ice cream – Why don’t we ever think twice before using a plastic spoon? Knowing how much plastic we had already dumped on our planet. To preserve nature from plastic pollution he built incrEDILBE Eats and aims to replace 100 Million single use plastics by 2025. His favorite food is pecan praline ice cream with chocolate edible spoon. incrEDIBLE Eats aims to save the Planet one spoon and one bag at a time. Read more at:


Ariel Barbouth, Founder of Nuchas: In 2009, Ariel and his wife Leni moved from Argentina to NYC to follow their dream: bringing traditional Argentine empanadas and making them mainstream in the USA. Nuchas was launched in the middle of Times Square in 2011, where their original dream was transformed from traditional empanadas to the building of a new category: hand-held gourmet foods from everywhere on earth. Since then, they opened 2 other locations, launched their Vendy award winning food truck, acquired their own facility, appeared on Shark Tank and opened in 2 convention centers. Launched their direct to consumer platform shipping nationwide, while continuing advanced conversations to set foot in many other stadiums, arenas, and airlines in the near future.

Nuchas is an American made but internationally inspired handheld food company that sprung from a kiosk in Times Square, New York City. It became known for its award-winning Nuchas, the ultimate evolution of an age-old concept: the handheld meal known as empanadas. Perfectly baked and purposefully shaped to put all the flavors, aromas and colors that make up our melting pot, in the palm of your hand. In a frantically-paced society, as digitally connected as it is culturally divided, Nuchas offers a timely marriage of culture and convenience no other hand held meal on earth can. Read more at:


Riki Franco, Co-Founder of Prime 6 Charcoal: Born and raised in Israel, Riki Franco has always been open to adventures and newchallenges. From serving in the Army as a young adult to backpacking through Asia and South America, she consistently finds inspiration in travel, the outdoors, and epicurean experiences. In 2006, a CFO position with Diamonds International brought her to Cozumel, Mexico whereshe met her husband and business partner, Oron Franco. When the opportunity arose for the couple to relocate to New York City, they immediately pursued it. After 8 years with Diamonds International and ready for a change of pace, Riki launched FeedMe, a storytelling app for foodies, chefs, and brands to connect and share experiences around food. After raising capital and assembling a notable advisory board with members from Buddy Media, Yelp, and Bloomberg, she moved on to a corporate role at Liveperson.

Not long after, while traveling in Vietnam, Riki and Oron came across a hexagonal charcoalproduct that was unlike anything they had seen on the market. They were inspired to notonly launch their own brand, but improve on the product, its process, and the mission. Prime6 Charcoal was born, and under Riki’s leadership has developed a retail presence of over 5,000 stores nationwide. In 2020, the brand appeared on Shark Tank and secured a $200,000 loan from one the show’s most notorious investors, Kevin O’Leary. Read more at:

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