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July 26, 2017September 13th at 6pm – Global Intellectual Property Law and Business Symposium

Join us September 13th at 6pm at Athleta in NYC for a panel discussion on taking your small business to the global stage, then enjoy wine and cheese from around the globe while you network with other global entrepreneurs and shop. The wine is courtesy of Foundations Marketing Group (FMG), an international marketer of luxury goods. The venue and shopping are courtesy of Athleta, a highly sought after brand of exercise clothing for women and girls. Our attendees are entitled to a special 25% discount on Athleta clothing the evening of the event, starting early at 5pm.

About the panel: Our panel moderator will be Richard Gearhart, Esq., Founder of Gearhart Law and international Intellectual Property expert, David Postolski, Esq., Partner and Intellectual Property attorney at Gearhart Law who travels the world giving presentations on protecting your products and ideas when selling internationally (and domestically), Monika Elling, wine branding and international business expert at FMG, and Mike Banasiak of Liquid Capital Express funding expert for startups and small businesses. The panel will be discussing what you need to know to get started (and keep going) in the global arena with your small business, as well as answering questions and providing expertise and referrals to other business experts who can help.

We hope to see you there! Space is limited so please RSVP soon and update your RSVP if you can’t make it for some reason. Thanks!

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