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Prototypes come in all shapes and sizes and cost. Getting a prototype is an important part in all inventors and entrepreneurs journeys. In this presentation you will learn what the prototypers have learned from their inventor and entrepreneurial clients.

Our speakers include:

Adam Hecht: Adam is a Co-Founder, Industrial Designer, and Director of Additive Manufacturing at DiveDesign. Adam works at the intersection of design and technology helping his clients identify unique opportunities that leverage the latest in advanced manufacturing processes. Prior to DiveDesign Adam worked with a range of hardware startups in Philadelphia, guiding them through new product development with a fail-fast mentality to keep the end-users at the forefront of the process.

Alexander Tholl: Alexander is a Co-Founder of DiveDesign and head of strategy, business administration, and acquisition, he also maintains an active role in product development and prototyping at DiveDesign. Alex spends his time creating growth milestones to lead the company and team towards, establishing and maintaining partner relationships, and connecting with new clientele.

Please see their company website at

Jason Frasca: Jason is a professor at Montclair State University, has been involved in 7 ventures spanning several industries including insurance, law, health, content, and his current venture – Emergent Futures Lab – a strategic innovation consultancy focusing on how to innovate. After a successful exit in 2012, Jason joined MSU as the first full-time faculty of the Feliciano Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and became co-director of the MIXLab – the campus innovation and research center. Jason also advises several social and tech startups. Please see his company website at:

Christopher Michaels: Christopher is based out of Pompano Beach, South Florida, and owner of Sixthfinger Design Consultants, a product development firm. I specialize in new product development, 3D Concept ideation, Logo design, mechanical & electrical engineering, and prototyping. I offer an integrative approach towards working closely with inventors and companies. My goal is to help others bring great ideas to market. Please see his company website at:

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