Our Expertise

Why settle for a law firm when you can have a legal partner?

Behind every great startup is a True Legal Partnership.

At Gearhart, we’ve worked with inventors, entrepreneurs, startups and corporate partners across every major sector. The reality is that no two ideas or companies are alike and their protection and process should be equally unique. Whether your goal is to own and manage your own business, license your ideas or sell your concept, we will customize solutions around your needs. We will also help your company evolve from conception to mass-market production through our network of clients and affiliates. Our attorneys have deep backgrounds and expertise in all the fields we represent. We have experience in drafting pharmaceutical patents, including drug patents, small molecule patents, and life sciences patents, as well as medical device patents, software patents, healthtech patents, internet-of-things patents, and consumer product patents. The list of our issued patents includes design patents, utility patents, and plant patents. We have published extensively, are marquee speakers at industry events, own multiple patents in-house and have worked in specific industries as well—not to mention we have attained multiple degrees from leading institutions and are proficient in several languages. It’s safe to say we bring serious credibility to the table, and your path to realization starts now.

Individual Inventors

Turn your ideas into a real business.

A lot of people have good ideas. It takes time, capital and a great deal of work to turn a concept into a business—all the more reason to protect your invention. The patent process is complex, and even seasoned inventors can make small mistakes that can delay or sabotage their venture.

The smartest people explain things in the simplest possible way. We will help you understand every step of the process by communicating regularly throughout your project. Our approach is friendly and honest. Your team leader will always be accessible and we’ll never push a service that is unnecessary. We will also help you strategize the best IP position to fit your business plan and budget and provide a network of partners that can help you grow. At Gearhart Law, our commitment to individual clients is the same as to our global partners.

Entrepreneurs & Startups

Proper patent protection is a new venture's most important asset.

Most startups or entrepreneurs work fast and lean so they need expertise without the ego. Our process is transparent, and our attorneys are knowledgeable but approachable. We understand the importance of strategic intellectual property protection, especially for entrepreneurs and start-ups seeking investors. Having represented both entrepreneurs and investors, we are well-versed in both points of view. As an entrepreneur, you want to maximize IP protection at minimum cost and create an attractive, scalable IP portfolio. As an investor, you want to ensure that all IP bases are covered to sustain a viable business long-term and that your investment will not only be free from third-party patent infringement, but also stand up to scrutiny on the market or during an exit review.

At Gearhart Law, we place an emphasis on creative legal solutions and custom-crafted patent strategies. We have extensive experience in your specific technologies and industries and will keep you updated on any issues that may affect your business. It’s not just about securing a patent; it’s about owning the right patent, a submission that demonstrates a deep understanding of your invention, your business and your goals.

Corporate Partners

Established companies need nimble, customized solutions.

We are a nimble, experienced resource for corporations looking for additional legal expertise. Our senior management team has partnered with multiple large corporations from pharmaceuticals and life sciences to software, and consumer and industrial products. We understand the nuances of working with different cultures in a corporate environment. Most other law firms lack this experience. Our founder Richard Gearhart has been on corporate business teams that developed new products and required IP due diligence for investment. As a result, he has a deep understanding of the role of IP in business, and the firm is staffed to respond quickly to projects or emergencies with tight deadlines.

International Partners

Access our deep global experience.

The most successful companies expand their reach overseas. Gearhart Law can help you decide whether to attain international protection for your invention, design or trademark. We have extensive experience with international patent applications (Patent Cooperation Treaty or PCT), international litigation, transactions and due diligence and will guide you through the process step by step. Our expertise also includes international trademark work under the Madrid Protocol. Additionally, we stay ahead of any major changes in patent and trademark laws and practices outside of the United States, so we’ll provide up-to-date information when you consider filing abroad. We have close relationships with patent attorneys in various regions, including Europe, Latin American, Australia, China, Japan and more, which will serve you well should you plan to enter markets outside the United States.