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If you’re wondering how to get a patent, the best thing you can do is get a patent attorney. When you have an idea that can change a market or the world, a patent lawyer can help you figure out how to protect your idea so you can reap the financial benefits. Whether you need a mechanical, software, or pharmaceutical patent, a patent firm should be your first stop.

At Gearhart Law, LLC, we pride ourselves on offering quality, professional legal services, and we’re proud to serve New Jersey, New York, and Philadelphia. We’re leading patent lawyers, trademark lawyers, and copyright lawyers providing expert advice and consultation. Most attorneys work as generalists, so they don’t have the specialized experience and training that’s necessary to handle the intricacies of patent, trademark, and copyright law. For these highly technical and complex areas, it’s always recommended that you seek out legal advice from professionals with focused areas of practice. Whether you need help navigating the details of patent law for your latest invention or you need assistance protecting and safeguarding your intellectual property, we’re always here to help.

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