Trade Secrets for Entrepreneurs: Maximize Your Intellectual Property Protection!


Trade Secrets for Entrepreneurs: Maximize Your Intellectual Property Protection!

This presentation explores the basics of trade secret protection both from practical and legal considerations. We also discuss advanced best practices strategies and tips on how to ensure your organization is secure with its trade secret strategy. Learners will understand the key differences of trade secret protection both within the US as well as overseas. Included is a discussion on how technology can assist in your trade secret strategies.


Presented by the Entrepreneurial Strategy Series and Gearhart Law on October 26, 2023.



Nicole D. Galli: Nicole D. Galli is the founder and Managing Member of ND Galli Law LLC, an intellectual property (“IP”) and commercial litigation boutique law firm located in Philadelphia, PA, New York, NY and Louisville, KY. Nicole’s practice focuses on commercial and IP litigation, IP counseling and trade secret protection. She has represented numerous companies, entrepreneurs and other individuals in intellectual property and business disputes for thirty (30) years, with a heavy emphasis in patent infringement, trade secrets misappropriation and restrictive covenant litigation, and other technical litigation in a variety of industries and scientific disciplines. Read more at:


Ilanit Appelfeld, Arc.: With over 20 years of experience in the field of intellectual property, Ilanit Appelfeld works with tech companies to protect their IP and Increase their IP value. Based in Israel, she serves as the IP manager for Rav Bariach and has collaborated with hundreds of technology startups, positioning them for successful fundraising or potential acquisitions. She has researched the challenges faced by seed startups and found practical solutions to assist companies in identifying and leveraging their IP to improve their valuation and articulate their competitive advantage. She does it through trade secret protection plans, employee training sessions and workshops, demystifying the intricate world of trade secrets and ensuring that companies are armed with the knowledge to protect their invaluable assets. Read more at:


David Postolski, Esq. from Gearhart Law is our Event Moderator.