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New York City Patent, Trademark and Copyright Services

Intellectual Property is an umbrella term that encompasses the four main types:
* Patents, which protect ideas and the inventions that come from those ideas.  A patent lawyer can help you protect those ideas.  A patent lawyer is licensed to practice before the USPTO and can practice in all areas of Intellectual Property Law.
* Trademarks, which protect a brand by protecting a company’s name and logo.  A trademark lawyer can help you protect your brand.
* Copyrights, which protect forms of expression such as books, music and artwork.  A copyright lawyer can help you protect your creative works.
* Trade Secrets, which protect commercial secrets that give the owner a competitive advantage.  A trade secret lawyer can help you protect these secrets.

From the copyrighted shows on Broadway, to the trademarked brands on Madison Avenue, to the patented products in the Apple store and other shops, and to the trade secrets for the recipes used in the fabulous restaurants, New York City is full of Intellectual Property.  A New York patent attorney can help you join the league of Intellectual Property owners and users.  Your hard work should remain yours and yours alone. If you’ve come up with an idea, it’s time to protect it. A patent, trademark, copyright or trade secret is the best way to help ensure that your product, brand, creative work or commercial secret won’t be copied and used to profit someone else.

A patent gives its owner the exclusive right to manufacture and sell the patented product in the country in which it’s patented.  Anyone who tries to sell copies of the product are infringing on the patent and can be stopped by the legal system, and may be required to pay damages.

In order to have a strong patent that will stand up in court, the intricacies of the patent are often best handled by a patent attorney. To those without the proper background, the research involved, patent drafting, and filing can be tricky to navigate. Hiring a patent firm can save you time, effort, and can ensure that everything is handled correctly from the very beginning, from drafting the patent application to prosecuting it with the US Patent and Trademark Office. It’s not worth taking the risk of not having legal assistance, since a simple mistake can cost you time, money, and opportunity.

Whether you are in need of a pharmaceutical, consumer product, software, or plant patent, a patent lawyer can help. Your patent attorney in NYC is vital in the patent process. A patent attorney not only protects your ideas but also helps protect your company and livelihood.

Trademarks protect your brand.  You can trademark your business name and your logo.  If someone tries to use a name that can be confused with yours, you can take legal action and make them stop.  Trademark attorneys in NYC can help you protect your brand.

Copyrights protect creative works such as books, music, art, and films.  If you’re looking for a copyright lawyer in New York City, Gearhart Law can help.

Trade Secrets help protect commercial secrets, such as recipes, and are covered by both state and federal laws.  A trade secret attorney can help you protect this type of intellectual property.

If you’ve been wondering how to find an intellectual property attorney or patent attorney in NYC to get a patent, trademark or copyright, it’s time to allow the professionals to take over. Gearhart Law provides premium legal help for those in need of an Intellectual Property strategy.


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